Chad was walking down main street when it happened. He was headed towards the employment office when he passed by Madison First Credit Union. It was a new bank, very modern, and had one of those billboards out front that lit up and played little animations. As he walked by he reflexively looked across at it, expecting some exhortation to invest or borrow or something.

Instead, in bright pink letters, it said “Wear Sexy Panties.”

Chad blinked for a moment. But it said “Wear Sexy Panties” and there was a cartoon pair of panties next to it. He turned to a woman on the street to point to the sign but when he looked back up – it just said “Low APR. Best rates in the city.”

Chad blinked a few times starring at the sign. Then he went on down to the employment office, figuring he couldn't have seen what he had seen. He searched through the job listings for as long as he could, but there just wasn't anything. The town economy was on life support, and he was just going to have to wait.

That night, as Chad got ready for bed, he found himself thinking about panties. A pair of pretty pink panties just invaded his thoughts, and stayed there. He kept trying to imagine a sexy girl in them, but the panties kept being just panties. Sexy, frilly panties. Somehow the image was arousing him terribly, even without a girl in them. He started to rub his cock and eventually orgasmed into sleep, dreaming of frilly pink panties.

The next day Chad headed on back down to the employment office. It was kind of a waste of time, but it kept his parents off his back. As he passed by the sign, he looked up wondering if he would see those panties again. But no such luck. It was just an eagle saying “Be Fiscally Prudent.” He grimaced for a moment, cursing his imagination, and shrugged. There were a lot of jobs to look through that day, and he also did some of the practice tests to get certified on office programs.

On the way home Chad happened to look up at the sign again, and noticed that eagle was still up there. But this time she had in her beak a pair of panties, and the phrase next to her was “Be Feminine Silly.” He rubbed his eyes for a moment. But the sign stayed the same. He thought about going into the bank. Then the sign went back to normal before his eyes. He shrugged, somehow dismissing the oddity immediately, and headed home.

That night he had very strange fantasies. Again the panties came to him, but this time he couldn't help imagining himself in them. That silky soft fabric caressing his cock. Teasing him in just the right way. He felt himself getting hard. And then a silly fantasy popped in his mind, just for a moment. He imagined the silky soft panties were making him more feminine. More girly. Draining away his male ego. He tried to resist the silly thought, even trying to take his hand off of his cock. But it was impossible. The sexy panties invading his thoughts, kept making him more and more aroused, until his hand floated back down to gently tease. He finally orgasmed and again fell asleep immediately.

His dreams were very strange that night. Fortunately he didn't remember any of them.

The next day as Chad walked to the employment office, he looked up at the bank sign. Nope, nothing silly. Just a notice that they were looking for tellers.

Chad thought for a moment. He did need a job. And it wasn't the bank's fault he was having these silly fantasies. He went over and went inside.

Inside it was very professional and modern, if a bit pink. All the girls behind the counter were quite pretty but dressed in somewhat old fashioned clothes. Very feminine clothes, with lots of frills and ribbons. It was an older community in some ways, he figured.

Chad went straight up to the counter, as the bank was empty yet, and said, “Hi. You are looking for new tellers?”

The girl at the desk was dressed in a green suit with a white frilly blouse, and had red hair, green eyes, and a name tag that gave her name as Dakota. She smiled a little sadly and said, “Well, I think we are, but I don't know if you are what Miss Madison is looking for.”

Miss Madison?”

Yes, the bank president. Who the bank is named after.”

Oh. Well I am a good worker and I really need a job.”

Well, I will ask.” Dakota thought a moment and then smiled softly. “I know she is a bit frazzled trying to get our sign to operate properly.”

Chad was taken aback. “Oh, you mean those messages about panties?”

Dakota nodded, her grin widening. “Oh you saw them?”

Chad nodded back. “Yes, I did. What are they?”

Dakota came around the counter and took him by the hand (her hands were very smooth and soft), saying happily, “Miss Madison will want to talk to you.” She led him into a large office. Sitting behind the desk was a sweet motherly woman, with an ample bosom in a blue business suit and a white blouse, her dark hair done up in a tight bun.

A new investor, Dakota?” She asked.

He wants a job, Miss Madison. But I think he might be willing to make a deposit.”

Miss Madison smiled widely. “Oh. So you have been noticing the problems with our sign?”

Chad nodded, confused. “Yes. I don't know what to make of it. And I don't know anything about making a deposit. I don't have any money.”

Miss Madison nodded. “That kooky sign is a bit disconcerting. Perhaps we can talk in one of our deposit rooms, and I can explain to you what is happening with it.” She stood up and took Chad by the hand. For some reason it seemed very natural. She smiled at Dakota, “Who is free?”

Virginia, I think.”

Miss Madison chuckled. “You will like Virginia. She's new but she's very enthusiastic.” She led Chad back into the back of the bank. Chad had a hard time processing this conversation for some reason, his mind felt a bit fuzzy. Somehow Chad assumed he was going to a meeting room. He was shocked when Miss Madison opened the door and ushered him into a small room containing a busty girl wearing nothing but pink panties.

Miss Madison shut the door behind him grinning. “You need to make a deposit. And Virginia here is going to receive it.” Chad looked at Virginia for a moment shocked. He was even more shocked when the girl stepped towards him smiling warmly and started undoing his pants, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Chad backed up against the door, but as he did he felt Miss Madison's arm around him, holding him gently, as Virginia continued her sexy assault. With one motion she undid his pants and pulled them down, revealing his boxers. She looked at them a moment and sniffed disapprovingly, but then slid them down.

Chad felt trapped and somehow disconnected as Virginia leaned in and gently kissed his stiffening cock. From somewhere he heard Miss Madison's voice. “So confusing isn't it darling? A bank is supposed to be a staid quiet place and here you are obsessing about panties and being sucked off by a sexy girl. Part of you is still trying to make sense of all this. But it's impossible. Just give up and enjoy.” With that Virginia plunged her lips over Chads cock, taking it deep. Her tongue swirled around gently teasing as Chad felt his knees go weak.

But Miss Madison was holding him up. She was so strong and comforting as Virginia gently tickled and teased his balls while sucking deeply. Chad realized somehow that his mind was shutting down from pleasure and joy but he didn't mind. He heard himself say, or moan, “I love it,” as he came.

When Chad woke up he was in Miss Madisons office. She was smiling at him, and he felt very good and happy. He tried to remember where he had been before, but the memory slipped away. Somehow it made him feel really good to watch that memory slip away each time he tried to grasp it. Chad blinked a few times and then said, “Well I would really like to work for you, Miss Madison.”

Miss Madison nodded and smiled, and placed a small pink box on the desk in front of him. He reached over and opened it, almost on autopilot. Inside were some silky pink panties. He fingered them abstractly for a moment. They felt strange in his fingers, so soft and smooth. He looked up at her, and she nodded.

A gift for all the good boys that make deposits here. You will want to come back and make further deposits, and our doors are always open.” Chad nodded not understanding, as she stood up. He stood up, and after shaking her hand found herself back on the street. He walked on to the employment office, but there wasn't anything there. Still he had one prospect.

That night when Chad was getting into bed, he remembered the package, and pulled it from his backpack. It didn't occur to him to be surprised that he had forgotten the panties until now. The box seemed somehow transgressive in his hands, even before he opened it. But somehow Chad knew that he needed to try them on. He wanted to try them on. So he shut his door and got naked. Slowly he pulled the silky soft panties up his legs, reveling in the feeling, until the settled around his crotch. He adored the way they gently cradled his cock, almost tickling it. It got hard almost immediately. He reached down to stroke it when he heard a soft girly voice say “No Chad, wait to make your deposit.”

Confused Chad tried to piece together those words, tried to understand what was happening to him. But like the memory earlier, as he tried to put the pieces together, they kept changing in his mind. Shifting into sexy girly shapes that he couldn't quite put together. But the more confused he got the more satisfied he felt and the more sleepy. Somehow he knew it was best to just let his confusion put him to sleep. Which it did.

The next day Chad dressed and went back downtown, with a spring in his step. He went to the employment office, and tested himself on a few other computer programs to make sure he was still sharp. He then visited the bathroom, and was shocked to realize he still had on those silky panties. He looked down and instinctively caressed his cock through the silky fabric. He felt a bolt of arousal shoot through him. He breathed for a moment to calm himself and then left the employment office heading back to the bank.

Chad went inside and saw Dakota behind the desk. She smiled warmly at him, and said calmly, “You must be here to make another deposit. Right this way, Mr. Chad.” She came around and led him back through the bank. With each step he felt his cock get harder and harder, made worse by her turning suddenly and pulling down her top to give him a good look at her tits. She giggled. “These uniforms are the best. They are so old fashioned and frilly, but made of delicious spandex like fabric. Perfect for flashing horny depositors like you.” She giggled and did a little bounce, with Chad staring at her soft bouncy boobs.

Dakota then pushed Chad into a deposit room. In there was another girl, a little slender thing, with black hair. Dakota smiled at her and said “Hi Roma. May I sit with you and help you tease Chad here?”

Roma giggled and said. “Of course Dakota. Anything for you.”

The two girls stripped Chad, almost. They paused at his pink panties and giggled. They then pushed him down onto a low couch. As Chad looked up a television screen flashed to life and Chad was treated to a picture of soft frilly sexy panties. He gasped as Roma stroked his hard cock while he stared up.

From behind him he heard Dakota whisper. “Do you love wearing panties, Chad?”

Chad couldn't answer immediately, moaning as he was, but he moaned out a “Yes.”

Dakota giggled, a musical sound and said quietly, “Do you crave femininity?”

Chad nodded moaning.

Dakota then took a deep breath and asked the big one. “Do you want to be a girl?”

Chad moaned deeply, the question floating through his hazy brain. He tried to answer no, he liked being a guy. He tried very hard to resist the delicious thought of being a sexy girl. But it was no use. He tried to find his masculinity, but it was nowhere to be found. All that was left was sexy femininity and pleasure, and eventually they answered for him, as he orgasmed. Chad heard himself almost scream,“I want to be a girl,” and knew it to be the truth, as the darkness of sleep crashed over him like a wave.

Chad woke in a big four poster bed, and Dakota was snuggled up to him. She was kissing him on the cheek and smiling. He looked at her for a moment, and then kissed her back. “Mistress Madison has decided your girly name will be Catalina.”

Chad shook his head. “This has been fun but I think I better be going.”

Dakota giggled. “Don't be silly, Catalina. You already called your parents and explained you would be staying the night with a friend.”

Chat sat up, gently pushing her arms aside. “I really think I should be going.” Standing up he looked around for his clothes, as all he was wearing was his panties.

From behind him Dakota giggled. “Don't worry, Cat sweetie, we got rid of those hideous boy clothes. But I can fix you up with something sexy.”

Chad turned and grimaced. “I need normal clothes to go.”

Dakota shrugged. “But sweetie, don't you remember? Boy clothes will be terribly itchy. I don't want my Catalina to suffer.”

Chad frowned and looked around some more. After a moment Dakota sighed and said, “I think one of my old boy shirts is hanging up on the far end. But you'll be sorry.”

Chad was. Putting it on itched terribly. Chad couldn't get it all the way on before ripping it off. But his arms and chest still itched terrible. Dakota jumped up and held him, reaching behind him into her closet. “I'm sorry sweetie. Here, try on this pink blouse, it should help some.”

It was a pink blouse with ruffles – it looked terribly girly, but Chad was itching so much he didn't care. He just slid it on, and felt the itching subside almost immediately, to be replaced with a soft floaty feeling.

Dakota smiled and give him another hug. “You see sweetie. You are a sweet girl like me, and so your body rejects masculine things.”

Chad felt himself nod, but then stiffened and said “No, I am a man.”

Dakota pouted a little. “Well if you are determined sweetie, I think you simply need to make another deposit.”

At those words, Chads cock (clitty) stiffened immediately, and his hands dropped down and gently lowered his panties letting it spring out.

Dakota nodded. “You see darling. You simply need to make another deposit of your dwindling masculinity and then you will be more comfortable being your girly self.” With that she leaned in and began licking and suckling Chad's clitty with obvious enjoyment and love. Catalina felt herself falling back into Dakotas bed her mind shutting down, like it should.

Catalina woke up, with something warm and hard in her mouth. She suckled it mindlessly, her eyes closed, hearing a soft voice telling her she was doing wonderful She felt so good. It was so important to please. She loved the warm hard throbbing cock in her mouth. She suckled it, swirling her tongue has she had been taught.

She heard Mistress Madison's voice. “Open your eyes Catalina, and see the clitty you are worshiping.”

Catalina's eyes opened slowly, and she saw her beautiful slavesister Dakota leaning back as she suckled her throbbing clitty, suckling out her sisters willpower as Mistress Madison played with her soft breasts. She loved helping her sister sink deeper into her Mistresses power. Maybe once, a long time ago, Catalina would have thought it wrong to help enslave a friend. Fortunately, her Mistress had stolen all that useless thinking from her, along with her masculinity. She was nothing more than a sexy, girly slave, happily obeying her Mistress mindlessly.

And she loved her Mistress so very much.

Catalina spasmed as her sister came in her mouth, feeling her own clitty explode with pleasure. She giggled happily knowing that she was sinking deeper into her Mistresses power.

After a moment Mistress Madison pulled her two girls to her and giggled. “I think Catalina is ready to begin accepting deposits. Don't you?”