A Girl named Portland

For those curious the music playing in the IHOP includes Mazzy Star's “Fade Into You,” Cocteau Twins' “Suckling the Mender,” and The Cure's “Lovecats” performed by Tanya Donelly & Dylan In The Movie. Why an IHOP would be playing these particular songs is a mystery.

It was raining the night I met Portland. I was at the Kickstand, a small club out by the interstate. The owner liked to pretend he was discriminating but he just had a shitty location. Still the company was good and the drinks were cheap.
Portland was there when I got there, but I didn't notice her right away. I didn't notice her actually until she came over and sat next to me. She was cute as hell. A little taller than me, pale skin, green eyes, and black shoulder length hair. She had a goth school girl thing going, which was adorable. She settled in next to me and said “Where have you been, cutie?”
I shrugged. “I just got here.”
She grinned, “And I was just leaving. I am starving – going to that IHOP across the way. Want to come?”
I thought for a couple of microseconds and agreed. A pretty girl is a pretty girl.
The restaurant was pretty dead, but she asked for a booth in the back, anyway. The matronly woman looked us over and said “No funny stuff. This is a family restaurant.”
Portland nodded reassuringly. “I just want pancakes and conversation.”
She shrugged and took us to a booth in the back of the restaurant. Portland slid across from me and we ordered. She got pancakes and sausage, I think I got a salad.
Then she dropped the shocker. “So, you know I used to be a boy?”
My jaw dropped. “What?”
Her giggles became full laughter as she watched my reaction. “I guess you didn't,” she said after she finished. She leaned back satisfied. “I can't blame you. Once my inner femininity burst out, my boy side disappeared pretty quickly.”
I couldn't think what to say for a moment, so eventually just asked, “How did it happen?”
She grinned. “Oh you want to hear the story of how I abandoned my masculinity, and became a sweet if somewhat slutty girl?” She leaned back again. “I don't blame you. It's a hell of a good story.”
I smiled in spite of myself. She was so cocksure and feminine, I decided it was probably all a put on. Still if a cute girl wants to tell me a story, I'll listen.
I used to hitch a lot. I'm not allowed to anymore, but I have a pretty sweet ride so that's ok. Anyway I was walking along a road in . . . one of those mid-west states. I don't remember which one. Not important. I should say I was kind of skinny and I had long hair. Anyway, round about dusk I got picked up by three women going to a convention. Or that's what they told me.”
Were they hot?”
She giggled. “Totally. But not like porn star hot. Just normal sexy feminine women. There were three. Madison, Florence, and Albany.” She licked her lips. “Madison and Florence just looked like regular woman to me. In their late thirties. Flo was stacked but a little plump, and Madison had this sort of motherly quality about her. Albany was pretty hot. Blonde, huge tits, sweet smile. She was driving though, so I ended up in the back with Madison.” She giggled. “Mistress Madison.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Mistress?”
Portland nodded. “Yep. She was a Mistress to both of the other girls. I didn't know that at the time. They acted like three work friends really. Mistress Madison just seemed like the most outgoing of the three. Anyway we started talking. She is a really good listener. I told her why I was traveling. I had some silly idea about finding myself and becoming a great poet. Well I did find myself anyway.” She giggled. “Of course I didn't realize it at the time, but she was also confirming that I was by myself and nobody was waiting on me.”
Sounds ominous.”
Yes I guess it does.” She giggled. “We stopped and got gas. Florence pumped it. I got out and went into the bathroom, hoping to switch seats with her so I could chat with Albany. But that didn't pan out. When I got back to the car Flo was sitting up front. I shrugged and got in next to Madison. Then Flo got out of the car and gestured for me to get in the middle and sat down next to me.”
I shrugged. “That must have seemed odd.”
Portland giggled. “Well as she was climbing in, Florence said that it was too cold to leave us alone in the back. It was actually pretty cold night so the warmth was welcome. Mistress Madison started talking again, but it was different. Rather than ask me questions Madison just started talking, about a beach house she had stayed at. She went on describing it, and how she would lay out on a beach towel. Their warmth and her words totally distracted me. And after a little bit I heard Flo whispering in my ear. So that I heard two words but they didn't quite fit together. It was kind of distracting, but in a good way.” She giggled.
I leaned forward. “It sounds like they were trying to hypnotize you.”
She giggled at that even louder. “There was no try about it, sweetie. I was sinking in nice warm trance, and I didn't have a care in the world.”
Isn't that dangerous?”
Not in this case. It was super wonderful. I can remember it all now too.” She giggled. “At the time I forgot.”
You forgot?”
Yes I can be very forgetful when I am commanded to be.”
So this Madison can make you forget when you are in trance?”
Yes totally. My mind loves obeying her and forgetting.”
That doesn't scare you?”
Portland sighed, as I think my voice was raising a bit. “How could I be scared between two soft ladies hugging me?” She then shushed me as our food arrived.
After the waitress left, she started nibbling on her pancakes and said “Have you ever been hypnotized?”
I shook my head. “No. I think giving up that much control would freak me out.”
She giggled. “Well it's not like really giving up control. It's more like letting your control and your power be directed, if that makes any sense.”
I shook my head. “She's still calling the shots isn't she? Mistress Madison?”
She nodded. “Yes. But I give her control. I chose to let her control me.”
You're confusing me. What did she say to you when you were hypnotized?”
She had me imagine red yarn tying my wrist to her wrist, like they sometimes do for little children?” She blushed. “My momma did it to me, at any rate. She had me imagine that sweet relaxing comfy yarn. The closer I was to her the more comfy I would feel.”
That doesn't sound so bad.”
Oh no. It was wonderful. My first conditioning. That way I would stay close to her when we checked into the hotel. She also suggested I was feeling very quiet and submissive.”
Well you aren't quiet now.”
Portland giggled. “Well I'm still deliciously submissive, but only with my Mistress. Anyway when we checked into a hotel, I was awake, but followed Madison quietly, as Albany got us our rooms. Once up in the room my real training began.”
To be a girl?”
Portland nodded smiling. “Yes. Mistress said that I would make a lovely girl. I got spooked at that, but she said a word and I suddenly felt like I was being hugged and held warmly. I felt my legs walk over and I laid down on the bed. All of the girls smiled and complimented me on my obedient submissiveness.”
You couldn't leave?”
She shrugged. “I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay and be brainwashed and loved.”
But that's how she made you feel.”
She's not a witch. She can't control my feelings literally. She just makes suggestions. And I listened.”
But you were vulnerable.”
Totally vulnerable.” She giggled. “But if her suggestions hadn't clicked with me they would have been rejected.”
I don't know. Still sounds kind of scary.”
Well it was a little scary. Part of me was terrified. But Madison and Flo and Albany were being so sweet to me that I just relaxed more and more. One of them would snuggle up to me while the others showered and dressed into sexy clothes. Powerful clothes.”
Well that doesn't sound so bad.”
Also, I saw Albany's clitty for the first time. She was just getting out of the shower and there it was.”
Oh sorry. I mean cock – well you would think of it as a cock.”
I thought about it for a moment. I had actually seen pictures of transsexuals – girls with cocks – before. This didn't bother me that much. “OK.”
Portland giggled. “I thought that would shock you a bit more. I guess you have an open mind.”
I nodded. “I try to. What did you think?”
Flo was cuddling me when I noticed it – I was kind of laying in her arms while she laid on a pile of pillows. I started a bit I guess, because she was holding me tighter almost immediately, her arms around me. Telling me how gorgeous Albany was and how beautiful her breasts and her clitty were.”
What did you say?”
I think I said something about being confused by the clitty? I hadn't learned to think of a girl's cock as a clitty yet. She squeezed me and explained it to me – how a beautiful girl like Albany had a beautiful clitty that I would come to love just as I loved my own clitty.” She giggled. “That should have been a giveaway, but I was too far gone.”
Sounds like it.”
Yes I was very lucky. A bit later Mistress Madison was holding me. She had changed into this very hot outfit. It was like latex? But a lot more flexible and stretchy. It covered her in like inky shininess. She had a tight low cut top of that, and then spandex slacks – navy and metallic. I was laying my head in her lap with her shiny boobs hanging above me as she whispered.” She giggled. “I couldn't move my eyes.”
I can imagine.”
Portland nodded. “I'm not being rhetorical. I was staring at those shiny breasts, when Mistress Madison told me to look away. She said that if I wanted to escape her power I needed to stop looking at her big soft sexy shiny titties. If I could look away I could escape. She encouraged me to try.”
Did you?”
Oh yes. Part of me wanted to escape you see? I knew they were going to turn me into a t-girl like Albany and I was scared. And another part of me, my subby side, wanted to obey Mistress Madison's command to try to escape.” She giggled. “But it was no use. I couldn't stop looking at those gorgeous titties. And they are in my head to this very day.”
No shit?” I chuckled.
Yep. Once an image gets stuck in your mind it's there to stay often times. Certainly that's true of me. I just can't help thinking about those shiny titties, and if ever I find myself wanting to resist my sexy Mistress, I find a quiet place, rub my sexy body and imagine those titties.” She smiled across at me. “I imagine you can picture them yourself.”
I pictured them for a moment, and then nodded. “But that's not the same thing.”
Portland grinned. “No, I suppose not. But those shiny sexy titties will definitely stick with you.”
The way she grinned at me made me a little uncomfortable, but I figured she was just fooling around, “Well what happened next?”
Well when we realized I couldn't look away Mistress Madison told me how proud she was of me for sinking deeper into her power. She has this way of doing things where she is a terribly powerful domme, capable of breaking you like a twig, and at the same time so sweet and soft you are grateful to be broken. She then sat me up so I could watch Florence and Albany. They were deep in trance like I was sitting in chairs at the foot of the bed.”
How could you tell they were in trance?”
Well Mistress Madison told me they were, silly.” She giggled. “I was well past the stage when I could disbelieve her.”
Couldn't they have been faking?”
Possible. But not likely. They were both wonderfully submissive to Mistress Madison and capable of sinking to deep trance immediately. They were gorgeous looking. Albany had on a tight bodysuit. It was a metallic pink and made her boobs really stand out, and did nothing to hid her clitty. Florence on the other hand had on a total girly outfit – light pink and frilly all over. She looked so cute.”
Why were they in trance?”
So their hypnotic energy could flow into me. They were so deep in trance that I would naturally fall deeper with them. Like gravity pulling me down and down.
Did it work?”
Totally. I just looked at them. They were so sexy so dreamy, I just felt myself falling deeper into their beautiful trance.”
That's hot.”
Oh, you have no idea sweetie. They were getting aroused at watching me fall and they started playing with themselves, and then each other. Just gently squeezing and bouncing and jiggling. Which of course pushed them deeper into trance and pushed me deeper into trance.”
I shrugged. “Wouldn't that arousal wake you up?”
Portland shook her head. “No, arousal naturally makes you sink deeper into trance.”
I thought hypnosis was about being sleepy?”
Hypnosis is about letting your mind open up, and your subconscious take over. That can be a sleepy experience, but it can also be terribly sensual. In this case I was so relaxed and languid I couldn't move, and yet I was staring at two very sexy girls playing with each other, while another girl caressed my body sensuously. My poor clitty was very aware of this stimulation.”
And that didn't make you want to move?”
Well maybe it would have, but Mistress Madison explained to me that my hard clitty was a lightning rod, pulling hypnotic energy into the center of my being, making me helpless.”
Cocks can't do that.”
Portland looked a bit serious at that. “Are you telling me Mistress Madison fibbed to me?” She held it for a moment and then giggled. “Of course it is b.s., sweetie. But I was deep and very accepting. I consciously know that it is silly, but my sub-conscious doesn't. And frankly it feels so wonderful to fall deeper while my clitty gets harder.”
I shook my head. “So what happened?”
I was at a place beyond rational thought. I couldn't think for myself, I could just sit float and obey. And then the programming began. Florence helped with this.”
How so?”
Mistress Madison had me look at her, while she spoke. Somehow I believed I was back in school, learning something very important. It was so important to remember everything that Florence said, so that I could do good in school.”
But why would Mistress Madison turn over this to Florence?”
Portland giggled. “They worked in a team. I would listen to Florence consciously. Well sort of consciously. Behind me Mistress Madison would whisper further instructions and suggestions.”
Oh. Like what?”
Florence would say something like “Sexy girls like us are happy and giggly and flirty” in a school teacher voice. And then Mistress Madison would whisper, “you are a sexy girl you have always been a sexy girl.”
I nodded. “This is when you started becoming a girl.”
She grinned. “Yep. I think I turned out pretty well.”
I had to nod at that. She was very cute.
I was enjoying my lesson. I was learning about how happy girls are and how much fun it is to be a girl. And I was feeling more and more of a desire to be a girl. And at the same time more and more of a feeling that I already was a girl.”
That's confusing.”
Yes it was. But it was meant to be. Confusion is good.”
I grimaced “I don't like to be confused.”
Confusion is good for you.”
No it isn't. Confusion just makes me frustrated.”
Well it's hard to be frustrated when you are held to the breasts of a sweet woman, while another woman gently rubs your clitty and a third woman teaches you while fondling her breasts.”
I'm not talking about sexual frustration.”
Well think of a time you were really frustrated. Picture it in your mind.” I pictured a recent scolding I had suffered at work. “Could you have stayed frustrated if I had come in and given you a blow job, squeezing your sexy cock between my warm soft titties?”
I thought for a moment, and nodded. “But that's just a trick.”
It's confusing I know.” She giggled merrily.
Yes it is. So what did you learn?”
Well what I said above. I love girls. I want to be a girl. I will do anything to be more girly. I am so lucky to have sweet women to help condition me deeper.”
I thought a moment, looking down. A little embarrassed I guess. “How did it feel?”
Portland looked at me thoughtfully and giggled. “It felt wonderful sweetie. It felt just like you would expect. I was getting more and more aroused and more and more deep and relaxed. I was seeing myself as a sweet girl just like Florence or Albany.”
How were you able to hold out?”
Portland giggled. “You mean how was I able to keep from cumming? Well that's very simple darling. I wasn't. Mistress Madison had me in her arms and she was whispering in my ear. She was having me imagine my orgasm as my icky masculinity. My male ego was flowing down to my cock to flow out when I orgasmed.”
Yes. When I came I knew I would be ejaculating my masculinity. And Albany was going to swallow it so I could never get it back.”
That's terrible.”
Portland looked stern for a moment. “I think what you mean to say darling is that that is wonderful. What does a sexy girl like me need with masculinity?”
I couldn't really answer that, so just shook my head.
You see you are thinking with your male ego. It is hard to imagine letting a part of yourself go. But you see it's like holding onto a dream, a boring dream that you feel like you have to hold onto because you can't remember what it's like to be awake. Mistress Madison woke me up into happy femininity and I am so grateful to her.”
I shrugged, thinking. Then Portland leaned forward for a moment and pulled down her top just enough to give me a good look at her sexy breasts. I stopped thinking.
She giggled and sat back up. “I can tell you aren't entirely unhappy that I am now a sexy girl. Quite the opposite I'd say.”
I had to nod at that.
Portland leaned back and nodded. “So she had me feeling all my masculinity flowing down to my cock. The last time I would think of it as a cock. For once I came it would become a clitty.” She thought a moment and then smiled. “I should admit, though, it's possible that Mistress edited my memories a bit.”
Can she do that?”
She nodded. “Oh of course. It's one of her favorite games. She can't completely undo your memories but she can switch them around a bit, adding little details here and there.”
Isn't that dangerous?”
I think it's a little dangerous, which is why she does it so sparingly. But it can't be too dangerous or she wouldn't do it at all I think.” She giggled. “Anyway I trust my Mistress. She's programmed me to trust her.”
I shrugged. “So you are saying this might not have happened?”
Oh it happened. But I wouldn't be surprised if I had to cum two or three times before getting out all that nasty masculinity.”
But you only remember once?”
Yes. Like it was yesterday. I was really worked up and had pushed all my masculinity to my cock. Albany was suckling it licking it and doing all those things sexy girls do to get a load of man juice. And at the right moment I came very hard, my masculinity flowing out of me, leaving me empty. I think I fell unconscious at that point.”
You think?”
Well Mistress Madison might have continued conditioning me while I was in deep trance but I simply don't remember. I doubt it though.” Portland giggled. “She wanted me to remember my transformation.”
To tease you?”
Portland giggled and stuck out her tongue. “Yes. And so that I could share it with others.”
Like me.”
Portland giggled. “Don't worry sweetie. It's after-hours. I'm not required to brainwash and feminize you. I just wanted someone to watch me eat pancakes.”
I chuckled. “I wasn't worried.”
Portland giggled. “Do you want me to go on, love?”
After a moment, I nodded. I was finding this fascinating and pretty damn arousing.
Well the next step was panties. I needed to wear panties. I resisted a bit, but got overwhelmed.”
I shrugged. “Why did you resist?”
Well Mistress Madison told me too. She told me that panties would permanently turn me into a female inside. Panties would simply shut off my male ego. Albany had already suckled out all the masculinity I had inside, so once I wore panties, well, I wouldn't be getting any more. I would be stuck as a girl.”
Did that scare you?”
She nodded. “A little bit. But Mistress Madison simply took the choice away from me. She had Albany put on some very frilly panties. Very girly ones. And then Albany danced in front of me while I sat on one of the hotel chairs. Underneath the chair was a projector, but it didn't seem to be projecting anything.”
That's silly.”
No, it was very sneaky. The projector was projecting subliminal messages onto Albany's body. I couldn't see them, but they were there. Behind me Mistress Madison and Florence were whispering to me. They were cuddled up on the bed and my back was to them, right up against the bed.”
What were they saying?”
That I was too weak to resist sexy panties. I needed sexy panties. I needed to let my male side go. Every so often, Mistress would take the sexy panties and rub my clitty with them – they were satin panties. Have you ever had satin on your cock?”
I blushed, and Portland giggled. “I'll take that as a yes.”
I nodded. “I have an old satin pillowcase I use sometimes.”
Sounds very sexy. How does it feel?”
I blushed a bit more. “It feels really good.”
Portland smiled. “Than you know how it felt to feel that satin being dragged gently over my clitty. The pleasure was almost unbearable.”
What happened?”
Well the conditioning went on for a while. It seemed like a really long time to me. I started repeating what they were saying to me after Mistress Madison explained that repeating what they said would make the satin feel even better. She was so right.” Portland giggled. “I found myself repeating whatever they said. Until finally I was saying “Please Mistress Madison put me in panties. Please I need them so bad. I am a silly boy but ready to become a sexy submissive girl. I know that panties will make me permanently a girl and permanently yours. Please Mistress Madison take my choice away from me.”
You said that?” I was a little bit shocked, but only a little bit.
Yep. And it worked. She put the panties on me and I felt my feminine side taking over. Then they dressed me and said they had to get on the road but I was welcome to go with them. Of course I did.”
How were you dressed?”
Oh still in my boy clothes. Mistress Madison said that completing my transformation would take time, and it was best not to hurry it. But I was already a girl on the inside.”
Where were you going?”
Mistress Madison has a family friend she was going to. The lady had a child who was out of control, and Mistress Madison was going to go give her a hand. But she lived up the road a bit, so they took time to pick me up on the way.” She finished up the last of her pancakes and smiled. “Her name is Dakota now; I don't remember what it was back then.”
I nodded. “So she's like you?”
Portland grinned. “If by me like me you mean dead sexy, than yes, she's exactly like me. Mistress Madison keeps her close to home though, to keep an eye on her. Family, you know.”
No I mean she was a boy before?”
Well, she was a girl trapped in a silly and destructive boy's body. Mistress Madison saved her from that.” She took a sip of her juice and smiled. “I helped.”
What . . . what did you do?”
Oh normal things. Cuddled her, drained her of her masculinity by suckling her clitty, the normal stuff.”
I was pretty deeply conditioned at that point. I wanted nothing more than to help Mistress Madison liberate males, the right kinds of males, from their masculinity.”
I looked at her again for a moment, until she giggled. “Sweetie I already told you I'm off duty.”
I shrugged. “OK.”
Anyway, I skipped ahead in the story. After we got on the road, I was sitting in the back with Mistress Madison. She pulled me in so that we were cuddling as we road, and I fell back into trance. This was more of a submissive trance though as we couldn't do much driving along the road. She was teaching me that I am a sweet girl who needs a Mistress to take care of me. You remember that yarn I mentioned earlier, tying us together?”
Well she was reinforcing that. Making me feel like a little girl tied to her mommy, in a way.”
That's weird.”
It actually was very comforting. Knowing that there was someone out there who cared about me. You have to know my travels around had not been very productive. My laptop got ripped off pretty early in my journeys, and I was reduced to using notebooks. Which wasn't very productive. And truthfully I wasn't happy. I was alone and an outsider everywhere I went. I couldn't really connect to people, so my writing wasn't that good. I was all turned inward.”
So you were kind of a lost soul.”
She giggled. “I'm much happier now. I know that I'm connected, not just to Mistress Madison but to my sisters all over the place.” She held up her wrist. “You can't see it, but I still have that red yarn around my wrist. I see it and know what it means.”
Portland looked so blissful holding up her wrist. It was really attractive in a way. I nodded and asked “What happened next?”
You are curious aren't you? Make up and a nice blouse skirt combo. Mistress Madison didn't have the titty formula then, so I had to make due with being a sweet flat chested girl for a bit.”
Titty formula?”
Portland giggled and grinned. “About what it sounds like. But too long a story.” She leaned back. “Albany did my make up. It was very disconcerting at first.”
Yes, I wasn't in trance or conditioned or anything. Mistress Madison just sat me in front of the bathroom mirror and told me that Albany was going to teach me how to do my make up. Then she went in the other room and watched TV with Florence.”
So Albany did it. She was the hot one?”
She was the one who was most traditionally gorgeous, yes. She was in a bathrobe, and I was naked except for my panties. I let Albany do it. But I felt kind of scared. Even a bit humiliated.” Portland giggled a bit. “Which was the point.”
The point?”
Yep. Being feminized while deep in trance is important. But if any of my masculinity was still lurking around, it would be brought to the surface by being made up to look like a girl while wide awake. Albany did a wonderful job but looking in the mirror I still felt like a boy being made up to look like a girl. My poor male ego was having a last gasp.”
That sounds kind of sad.”
Meh. My masculinity wasn't doing me any good.” She shrugged. “Albany did a very good and thorough job. She put my hair in a nice feminine style, or the best she could do. I did have shoulder length hair at the time. I thought it made me look rugged. Albany did it up pretty, then gave me blush, did my eyelashes and eye brows, some blush and lipstick. All just matter of fact, explaining to me how I would do it to myself in the future. Like being in a class.”
Well what happened.”
After I was prettied up, Mistress Madison pulled me back into the room and set me on the bed. She asked me how I felt. When I confessed my discomfort, she nodded, and explained to me that my male ego was trying to bring me down.”
Or your male ego was trying to wake up.”
Same thing. My male ego was trying to keep me from realizing my feminine potential.”
What did you do?”
Portland leaned forward and smiled conspiratorially. “I asked her to help me put my male side back to sleep.”
Yep. Well after thinking about the night before and how nice I felt, and how much I trusted Mistress Madison. It just occurred to me that she knew what was best for me and she wanted me to give up my male ego.”
So you asked her to do it. How did it feel?”
Well it was the best of all. They dressed me, in a very sissy girly dress. You know what sissy means?”
Yes – it means – well it means a boy dressed like a girl?”
Kind of. In this sense it means a very frilly girly outfit – kind of young looking and old fashioned. Lots of frills and satin. They dressed me in an outfit for Albany – so it kind of hung on me funny, but it felt delicious. So satiny soft.”
How did you look?”
Beautiful. I mean not as beautiful as I am now. But still pretty damn hot.” She thought a moment and kind of flushed. “Then they went to work on me.”
I nodded. “Are you ok?
Sorry sweetie – this bit is pretty arousing to me.” She grinned. “Mistress Madison put my head in her lap and started gently caressing my temples, while Florence and Albany got on either side and caressed my soft body through the satiny soft outfit.”
What did they say?”
Nothing. They didn't need to. I had already been programmed, it was just a matter of letting it sink in. I knew what I needed to know. I am a happy girl, a loving sexy girl. My male ego is gone, drained away from me, and my sexy sweet panties will keep it from ever coming back. I love to be as feminine as possible because I am a girl; there's nothing wrong with that. Mistress Madison simply let my femininity increase and I concentrated on those thoughts for as long as I was able to. But quickly my mind melted into girlish pleasure.”
From their touches.”
Yep. They didn't even get near the clitty for quite some time. But each gentle caress relaxed me more and more. And got me more and more worked up – it was so delicious. I couldn't move and yet I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. My whole body felt like it was surrounded by pleasure, dipped in bliss. And yet my clitty stayed soft through most of it. It was just mental arousal mixed with submission and femininity. Like a beautiful loving fire burning through me, taking away my male ego.”
Amazing.” I said softly.
Yes it totally was. I fell asleep at some point, and when I woke up, Mistress Madison said “Get dressed Portland, we need to get going.” She giggled. “That was the first time I was called Portland, but of course I knew she meant me, and Portland seemed like the perfect name for me. She tells me I helped pick it out.”
But you don't remember that part?”
Nope. It was a long night I think. I drove the next day because they were all very tired. But my male ego was gone and has never come back.”
I didn't know what to say to that. But I didn't have to come up with anything because at that moment Portland's cell phone went off. She pulled it from her purse, flipped it open. “Hi sweetie. . . . Oh don't worry I can take care of it. . . . No you know me, I'm never off duty.” She wrote something down and then put her phone away. “OK, darling I have to run. I have someone I need to pick up.” She tossed a card across the table. “If you ever want to hook up again, here's my home base. Just leave a message with one of the girls there.”
Portland leaned across the table, kissed me, and then left. I looked down at the card. It was for the Madison First Credit Union, President Madison Mercedes. I looked at the card for a moment and then put it in my wallet.
That was three days ago. I've started calling the number five times since then. I don't know if I can hold out much longer.