Getting Deep

The music for this one is as follows – Fatboy Slim's Song For Shelter and Blue State's Your Girl are the key tracks. As for the unnamed drum and bass track, I don't have a specific track in mind (I rather imagine Albany and Mistress Madison had it specially commissioned) but a drum and bass track I like is Alix Perez's Solitary Native.

Albany is dancing.
Her breasts bouncing up and down in time to the music. I've known a lot of great dancers and a lot of busty girls, but very few busty dancers. Their breasts ache when they let them bounce, so most busty girls do stripper moves – moves designed to show off their ta tas to maximum effect while not actually moving them that much.
Albany is dancing.
Her tits look happy to bounce around in her blouse.
Right in time, right in line. She gets deep.
She is lost in the groove, her ass shaking her boobs shaking everything shaking and I am staring.
She is lost in the groove and I am lost in her.

Albany is dancing with me.
And I am dancing with her. I worship her with my body, never touching, but worshiping just the same.
She is worshiping too. You can see it in her eyes.
She is glazed and happy, feeling her connection.
She looks at me and then she looks back off into nothingness. Looking for some kind of confirmation. She sees it and comes closer.
Albany is happy. She puts her hands on my shoulders, shaking her hair and giggling.
She knows she is silly but she knows she is sexy. She only takes deep breaths.
Albany is telling me she likes me. She doesn't speak. Her eyes and her hips tell me. She is pleased with my dancing, and she is pleased with me.
She leans in and I hear her speak for the first time. She says “You dance like a girl sweetie.”
I blush, embarrassed but she giggles, her lips still to my ear, the little giggles falling out and making me feel ok somehow. “I mean it in a good way. Most boys are too self conscious when they dance. You just let go. Like a girl.”

I shiver and smile, sweating and dancing.
I get deep.
We dance. More and more in tune with each other. More and more together. Our hips moving as one.
My arms around her, her arms around me, we embrace for a moment and then fall apart, right on the beat.
Our bodies fall apart, our spirits flow together. We are dancing. And with each step I give in more to the music.
That's what girls and good dancers do, and I'm at least one of those things.

Did I know it then? Did I know where the steps I was taking were leading me? Did I know what bliss awaited? I couldn't have.

Albany is leaving but I can go with her. The DJ finished his set, and she is going to get some food and some sleep. And she wants to know if I would go with her.
I can't say no.
I get in her car. It's very pink.
She puts on some drum and bass I don't recognize. She giggles and says it is a mix a friend made. It is very good.
I can feel the beats echoing in the back of my skull. Somehow the staccato beats hit the back of my head and the come forward like they are bouncing around in my skull.
I tell Albany this and she giggles. She says it means my head must be empty.
I laugh. I hope not, I tell her.
She giggles and says it's ok to have an empty head. An empty head means the music gets to my spine that much faster; it's probably what makes me such a good dancer. I am open to the rhythem of the universe.
I smile. That's a nice thought, but I think all the time.
Albany looks at me, seriously. “Have you ever wondered if you would be better off not thinking?”
I look at her. I
don't know how to answer.
Albany just giggles, as the beats bounce off the inside of my skull like butterflies.

Albany pulls up to her motel. She must be a rich girl.
She takes me inside, holding me by the hands. I am letting myself feel the rhythm of the universe, and the universe wants me to go with Albany.
She says we will get room service and takes me up to her room.
She says she is still sweating from the club, but she doesn't look like she's sweating. She strips off her blouse and tosses it on the bed, and undoes her bra. She laughs at my reaction.
Albany sits me on the bed and kisses me. Then she says softly. “If you want me for your girl, all you have to do is see that your not the boy for me.” She giggles as I recognize the lines. “You could be the girl for me though.”
I stand up, but she pulls me back down.
The music almost leaves my head, but it comes back.
The beat of the universe, as she kisses me, and says to listen to the beat.
I listen to the beat.
Albany says I should just try some panties and see how I like them.
And that then I will know. The universe will tell me if I am right.
My empty head is in tune with the universe. It seems like such a strange idea, for a moment, before I realize once again how right it is. How right Albany is.
An empty mind is best for me, as it lets me suck in what is really important.
My mind is empty blank and empty. I am so lucky.
Albany is rubbing soft silky panties across my face. She says that she got them specially for me. They feel so delicious.
I am not sure, but I can just try it for a moment and see if I like it.
I am standing and Albany is sliding the silky soft panties up my legs.
They feel so delicious.
They cuddle my cock so deliciously.
Albany is telling me these things, but I already know them.
I know them just as she says them, as if I had always known them.
She kisses me and says that I am already more her girl. I giggle.
She puts on her Ipod in the radio and music comes out. We dance. I am dancing so well.

I feel the beat through my empty head and girly panties and I let go. I get deep. We are right in line our hips.
It's better than at the club, I can feel the beats going around and around in my empty head.
I loose myself in the dance for a long time. Albany is talking to me as we dance and I nod. I don't know what she is saying. I am more interested in listening to the universe. The Universe is telling me such wonderful things.
I am a beautiful happy girl.
I love to dance and only girls really love to dance.
Dancing makes me more of a girl.
I've been dancing for years, and each night in the club has washed away more of my male ego.
The universe is so wise and sounds just like Albany.
I need help to be come as girly as possible.
I need a Mistress to take me under her wing.
I need to be made into a happy girl slave.
I want to be made into a happy girl slave.
I shiver as the universe talks to my empty brain. I love what I am feeling.
Dancing so beautifully.
Albany is hungry for me now. She leads me to the bed.
She is pulling out her clitty. It is big like a cock, but it is a clitty.
Girls have clitties and Albany is a girl.
I ask her if that means my cock is a clitty and she giggles and nods. She is proud of me for figuring that out.
She is going to teach me how to suck cock and big clitties like hers. I am listening.
She kisses my clitty on the head pressing against it with her lipstick covered lips. She leans back and I see the sexy kiss on my clitty.
She has me do the same thing to her. I lean in and gently kiss. But it doesn't leave any mark. I am so embarrassed.
Albany has lipstick for me to borrow. She is such a good friend.
She is showing me how to put it on gently running it over my lips, pressing just hard enough, such sexy gentle pressure. It feels so good.
And now I can give her clitty a proper greeting.
I lean in and press my lips against the head of her clitty. Pressing hard so that it marks it. It is so good. So delicious.
I lean back and look up at Albany, and she is happy. She is proud of me.
She shows me how to lick it like a lollypop – sticking my tongue out and running it all the way up. It makes her moan and giggle.
She tells me to kiss it up and down the shaft and I obey. Little kisses, to mark it. Men and she-males like seeing their cocks marked by delicious lips. She shows me by kissing my clitty. It makes me so hot to see the little kisses to feel her sexy pressure.
I long to give her the same treatment, and she lets me. I love kissing her clitty.
Albany is proud of me, and tells me it is time to take her clitty in my mouth while gently holding it with my hand. I nod, gulping a little. It feels like a big step.
I hear the voice of the universe. I am a slutty cocksucker. I am a loving clitty licker. I know it. I suckle the clitty, and hold it, lightly squeezing.
She shows me how to move my mouth over it, and I obey. It feels so right having a clitty between my lips – a she-cock.
I am making her so hard.
Albany shows me how to play with the she-balls and to tease them. She is moaning. She is moaning and her hips are moving.
Albany cums in my mouth, a hard sexy cum. I don't like the taste at first but then I hear the voice of the universe and remember that I love cum. I love cum.

Albany holds me all night long, as I sleep and feel girly. When I awake she reminds me my name is Virginia. She hugs me and puts me on a bus to my new home.
I put on my headphones as the beats wash over me and I get deep.