Friday, August 19, 2011

Stuck in your Head

A musically inclined one; but one that I quite enjoy.  And the pic is lovely.  I put in subliminal but really I think that it works the way it is described.

In other news, there are some new pics at my Teahouse in Anoushka (, for those who enjoy Second Life.


  1. I love it I love the idea of listening to that kind of music. Giggles

  2. Its me or there's a blur effect in the pic?

    Anyway great approach to the "domme" musical cap ^-^. Thats pretty much how I tend to approach my subjects... quite close... want to be one?... of course you want to be one "giggle"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. The effect is called "Edge Preserving Smooth" It's not quite a blur. I've been using it a lot lately, but it was pretty obvious on this one; the original was abit grainy.

  4. I still think it came out very nice your captions are some of my favorites hun!!! Huggles Betty