Friday, June 22, 2012

Lionesses Prey

Someone asked what happens to the losers - I haven't really determined that.  I mean if two contestants battle for supremacy directly, and one of them loses, well the loser becomes the woman's slave, and ends up belonging to her Queen.  But it seems like the main contest isn't a direct competition but a battle to see who can capture the most slaves for their Queen (obviously that's easier if the competition is your adoring servant).  At any rate the semifinalists will all lose (those that lose) by mind control takedown, and at that time I'll see if I can work in what happens to the others.


  1. Dear Lord! Those might be the largest breasts I've seen in your captions! Still they are quite alluring, I bet they're filled with the sweetest milk

  2. Well there's this one --> and this one --> that might be bigger - she is on the big side though.